PAC History

PRIDE Alliance of Columbus, Indiana

 Early in 2000 a few people began discussing the feasibility of an organized gay presence in Columbus and the surrounding areas.  Around that time there was discussion that Cummins Inc. was going to offer domestic partner benefits to its employees.

The resulting outcry, primarily a religious resistance to ANY support or encouragement of homosexuals in Columbus, made it evident that there was a very real need for a group like the Gay Straight Alliance.

A rally was held in Mill Race Park in March. The overwhelming attendance there demonstrated that there was interest by gay and straight community members in an organized group whose purpose would be the nurturing of an all-inclusive, positive environment in the Columbus, Indiana area through social action and education.

The group, which came to be known as the Gay Straight Alliance, would celebrate diversity and advocate civil rights and justice for all community members, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Later the group changed it's name to PRIDE Alliance Columbus.

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