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Opera announced that it is offering free VPN protection to all users on Android. The latest version of the company's' Android app will include a built-in VPN, expanding a service that it first made available to mobile beta users last month and has offered in its desktop app for years.
Why Opera is rolling out a native VPN service CSMonitor.com.
Other VPNs charge on a subscription model or require payment for use of data accessed through the VPN. SurfEasy, for example, a Canadian VPN provider that Opera bought in 2015, charges about 10 per month for its unlimited service, depending on your platform and browser.
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Last year, however, the company discontinued Opera VPN. Now Opera is integrating the VPN service into its Android browser. Opera began testing the free VPN service in its beta Android browser app last month, and Opera 51 for Android enables users to establish a private connection between their mobile device and a remote VPN server using 256-bit encryption.
Opera built in VPN conflict AVG.
I'm' guessing I am giving up protections for anything I browse using the Opera VPN so be aware that may be the case if you choose to use this solution. Hopefully AVG will solve this problem and make it unnecessary to make that choice to use the VPN.
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Say goodbye to free Opera VPN Cult of Mac. Say goodbye to free Opera VPN Cult of Mac.
These who used the free version of Opera VPN are being offered an 80 percent discount off SurfEasy Total VPN, which is normally 4.99 a month or 47.88 a year. SurfEasy was already handling the VPN traffic for Opera, so this is just cutting out the middleman.
Opera's' Free VPN Takes On Internet Privacy Challenge LinuxInsider. Opera's' Free VPN Takes On Internet Privacy Challenge LinuxInsider.
Users can enable the Opera VPN in the privacy and security subsetting, found either in the settings or preferences menu, depending on the OS the browser is running in. The VPN can be toggled on and off after being set up, and users can select their virtual location.
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