Vision and Mission


The mission of the PRIDE Alliance of Columbus, Indiana is to build a community of inclusiveness, equality, and justice for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The PRIDE Alliance of Columbus, Indiana envisions a community of the future in which all persons are treated equal by all citizens – where social justice applies to all – where all persons are free to be who they are without fear of persecution or  
ridicule. Such a community will not hinder the visibility of those persons who are in the minority and will foster understanding, acceptance, and respect of the LGBT community.
The PRIDE Alliance of Columbus, Indiana is working toward an inclusive community where everyone shares equally the benefits and obligations of a benevolent society and where we can all live to our fullest potential. We are committed to a safe and supportive Columbus where there is full equality and respect for individual dignity.
In this community of the future all citizens whether gay, lesbian,  
straight, bisexual, transgender or questioning will learn to know and  
respect each other as individuals, will stand together united for  
justice and equality, and many collaborations and partnerships will  
be formed with a cross section of other community groups to further  
our vision.